Abundance Farm Free Range Eggs BIG SIZE 900g
Abundance Farm Free Range Eggs BIG SIZE 900g
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Nutrient dense BIG eggs with beautiful yolks. The chooks have a 5 stars diet with natural supplements including probiotics.
VERY LOW STOCK DENSITY (25 hens per ha). Fence free, Full beaks, Produced without hormones or antibiotics. The chooks are guarded by alpacas & sleep in a mobile home at night, with lots of cuddles from Alex & Kali.

Nestled on the foothills of Mount Cole in the Pyrenees region of Victoria, live some of the happiest chickens to roam the land. Guarded by friendly alpacas, they are free to explore as far as their little hearts desire. Their mobile house keeps them warm and safe at night and takes them to fresh pasture. Moving across the land (with an impressive stocking density of 23 hens per hectare), the chickens are an important part of the regenerative system- improving the soil, helping to plant forests and sequestering carbon for a better future.
Alex & Kali believe that food is the best medicine and that is why they give their hens the best natural supplements (and cuddles) to keep them happy and healthy, and to ensure that each egg is nutrient dense just like nature intended.

From Alex:
"Laying hens need a lot of protein and calcium in order to be healthy and have long happy lives. It is also very important for us that they are very healthy so we give them the whole range of vitamins and minerals naturally. in their daily diet they get an assortment of seeds with a mix of oils and proteins, calcium carbonate, rose hip for vitamin C and brewers yeast for vitamin B. Once weekly they are fed a supplement of himalayan salt, black salt, oregano oil and spirulina to strengthen the immune system".

Abundance Farm is a chemical free, 97 acre property. It is the home of a permaculture-farming cooperative where founder Alex Corona & partner Kali do education, research and development in regenerative chemical free farming with the aim to restore land and set aside land for wildlife. They also grow a mix of seasonal fruits, veggies, greens and herbs along with other local farmers with the same ethics.

Produced in Pyrenees, Victoria.