BBBYO Future Bottle 500ml Woodgrain
BBBYO Future Bottle 500ml Woodgrain
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Beautiful look & performance with highest grade stainless steel insulated drink bottle 500ml.
Cold drinks cold for 24 hours, hot drinks stay hot for 12 hours. Never beads or sweat. BPA free.
Tough & durable. Bottles that are made to last a lifetime.
* Sleek futuristic bottle is airtight and insulated
* Double walls create a vacuum to preserve temperature
* The healthy safe alternative to plastic. Highest grade stainless steel is BPA free
* Easy to clean.
* Tough and durable. Bottles that are made to last a lifetime
* Eco friendly (replacing single-use plastic bottles that pollute our oceans)
* Clean Pure Taste
* 500ml capacity


* Bottles will float in water
* Add ice to your favourite drinks. They will stay icy cold all day long
* Keep a bbbyo bottle by your bed and wake up fresh
* Twist a little citrus into your water for added zing
* Mix fresh mint into your water for a natural mouth freshening drink
* Blend fresh coffee, milk and ice to make delicious iced coffee

Buy the best bottle in the world now. It is the best for you, best for the environment and
best for our future.
Buy the bottle and cover together. Own a bottle that is beautiful and also keeps our beaches beautiful.

Manufactured in China.