Yogi Beer Kombucha Lemon Turmeric 12x330ml VALUE BULK BUY
Yogi Beer Kombucha Lemon Turmeric 12x330ml VALUE BULK BUY
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A refreshing alive & raw drink with a nice lemon taste & the goodness of turmeric! Fermented for 45 days with organic, raw products & no additions of nasty preservatives. Full of active flora that's great for your gut with "floaty bits" of live Kombucha culture.
Owned and operated by Erin Weatherall, we’re a local Kombucha business based in South East Queensland, with a passion for healthy eating, green living, and restoring balance in the body.
Yogi Beer Kombucha choose to use Waddi Springs spring water during their fermentation process, in support of the Indigenous Community Volunteers Program. This program connects with community to provide high quality services in areas where economic development, employment and education are often limited.
Every batch of our Kombucha is carefully hand crafted, fermented with organic, raw products and no additions of nasty preservatives.

Our tea blends are all organic and fairtrade, with fresh local, organic and spray free produce used to enhance the flavour of our kombucha and pack it full of beneficial goodness!

The end result, an honest kombucha full of active flora, that is great for you gut, tastes delicious and your body will love you for it.
Made in Australia