Kakadu Plum Co Lemon Myrtle with Kakadu Plum 50g
Kakadu Plum Co Lemon Myrtle with Kakadu Plum 50g
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Lemon Myrtle is one of Australia's native bush foods that has been a traditional source of bush tucker for centuries. Our lemon myrtle blend is a fine superfood powder that has an incredible lemony flavour and aroma. Lemon Myrtle is known to have many amazing minerals and antiseptic properties, including vitamin A , E and magnesium while also being helpful for indigestion and boosting your immune system. Commonly seen in tea blends, now you can experience this amazing superfood for yourself.

Added with 5% Kakadu Plum Powder, our lemon myrtle blend is packed with nutritional goodness.

Add to: cakes, ice cream, dressings, smoothies

Spinkle on: salads, roast vegetables, soup, pasta, cereal, fish

Use in: muesli bars, bread, protein balls, sauces.... get creative with #theplumpower
Organic lemon myrtle, whole Kakadu plum 5%

Kakadu Plum Co supports Australian Indigenous communities and the native food industry. Your purchase has a direct impact. #theplumpower movement is all about supporting local, while making a positive difference at the same time.