Goodguts Probiotic Organic Tea Green Looseleaf 58g
Goodguts Probiotic Organic Tea Green Looseleaf 58g
Dairy Free
Gluten Free
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Australia's first probiotic fulled hot cup of tea. Taste delicious like a good cuppa should. 1 cup a day delivers 1 billion cfu of probiotic as part of your healthy lifestyle. Shelf stable, survives boiling water & stomach acids. 28 serves.
Goodguts bacteria brings balance back to your gut microbiome by producing lactic acid. This creates an environment that supports good gut bacteria & displaces harmful pathogens.
- 1 billion cfu in every cup
- taste free probiotic
- dairy free & vegan
- certified organic
- digestive health
- immunity support
- reduced inflammation
- enhanced nutrient / protein absorption
Love your guts with Goodguts cultured cup.
Ingredients: Sencha Green tea, 1 billion cfu bacillus coagulans.