Bee Sustained Honey Bloodwood - 1kg
Bee Sustained Honey Bloodwood - 1kg
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Quite a rare honey as the bloodwood tree only flowers every 4 to 5 years. A delicious strong pure raw honey (cold extracted) with flavours reminiscent of golden syrup. The bark of bloodwood trees is blotched with blood like stains, so the name!

Robert, the proprietor of Bee Sustainable, comes from a bee keeping family and has been involved with various aspects of bee keeping over many years. The Bee Sustainable project has been Robert’s passion since he recognised the need for the services and goods now offered through the business.

The honey is not heat treated, is pure, never blended and given only a light filter to remove any hive debris or bee parts.

Sourced from South Gippsland- Port Albert, VIC.