Smiths Beach Honey Pure Raw 300ml
Smiths Beach Honey Pure Raw 300ml
Smiths Beach Honey Pure Raw 300ml
Plastic free
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Pure, raw, organic honey. Small batch from 2 hives at Liz 's beach house on Phillip Island. Full of the nectar from local coastal flora including Australian jelly Bush related to NZ Manuka. This honey is not heat treated & will naturally solidify in cooler weather. Immerse the jar in warm water & stir the honey for a runnier consistency.

For Liz, choosing to keep bees at her home on Phillip Island was a life-changing decision - falling in love with bees illuminated the broader and fragile ecosystem we are a part of, and the toxic effect on the natural world of unchecked and needless chemical use in our daily lives.

In addition to honey, Liz also makes natural home cleaning products that we stock under the brand Lil'Bit
. Her range of homemade, small-batch cleaning products are all created in her own kitchen, and proudly say NO to a long list of nasties. We're excited to share them with you - Find out more

Made in Australia.