Elmore Compost & Organics Wood Vinegar 1L
Elmore Compost & Organics Wood Vinegar 1L
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Wood vinegar improves seed germination strike rate, allows better uptake and a reduction of up to 50% use of fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides. Certified organic.
Elmore Compost & Organics is a family-run business of 4th generation farmers. Our organic compost enterprise evolved from a happy coincidence when a wet hay season resulted in spoiled hay and straw. A rich soil fertiliser emerged from mixing the hay and straw with manure from our piggery. In time, our clean, green and healthy compost was born.

We are the proud holders of Australian Organic Certification. Our composting process involves recycling green waste from Melbourne and returning it to consumers as a carbon source for urban gardens and pot plants.

We are always looking for ways to develop our product range, with recent moves into the production of organic grains and hay and the launch of our innovative pelletised compost. Our high quality products can cater for all sized projects, from the individual domestic gardener to the large-scale retailer