Bite Me Fine Foods Organic Veggie Patties (pack of 12) 300g
Bite Me Fine Foods Organic Veggie Patties (pack of 12) 300g
Gluten Free
Dairy Free
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Nutrient-packed Veggie Patties taste delicious & are great for lunchboxes & easy healthy meals. A great way to increase daily veggie intake. Heat in a sandwich press/ pan / microwave & serve on a bed of salad, wholegrain burger bun.

Organic potato (35%), organic chickpeas (30%), organic vegetables 18%, organic root vegetables (12%), organic rice flour, Victorian GMO free canola oil, Himalyan salt.

- Australian Certified Organic
- 100% Wholefood Ingredients
- Vegan Certified Organic Root Vegetables
- Gluten Free
- Dairy Free
- Egg Free
- Nut Free
Bite Me Fine Foods are the most loved veggie patties, falafels & plant based bites. A flavoursome meal that tastes delicious, is mighty good for you & makes you feel amazing.

Bite Me Fine Foods was founded by creator Chris & his mother Mandy Ahilias.
Each and every batch of Bite Me Fine Foods is made the old fashion way, as Chris's mum started in her kitchen with passion and without comprise. This means no cutting corners, washing vegetables and sorting out chickpeas etc
Bite Me Fine Foods found most of their suppliers from farmers markets and local farmers in South Gippsland Victoria, when out of season they have a great relationship with farmers in far North Queensland.