How Now Full Cream Kind Milk 2L
How Now Full Cream Kind Milk 2L
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Ethical kind milk **Not organic. (unhomogenised & pasteurised at 72C for 15 sec) that tastes amazing, with a natural slight sweetness to it. From birth, calves are kept with their mums which mean happy cows & plenty of natural tasty milk. Kind to cows, calves & farmers.
At How Now, we do things differently…. We raise ALL our calves and will continue to do so. But here’s the big thing – they stay with their mums from the moment they’re born – NO SEPARATION. Often they even come on into the dairy with Mum for a look around while she gets milked. Our attitude is, we are sharing the milk. There’s plenty to go round.
Our approach is focused on an ethical cow-centred approach that is more humane. Being cow-centred means we are focused on starting our thoughts with the cow and then working on ways that we can achieve our objective (milk) that does the least harm by taking into account the ways to keep cows happy. Taking away their calves is not one of these ways. We are told that (very occasionally) cows abandon calves (we are yet to see it), and naturally sometimes calves are too sick to survive. But that doesn’t mean we have to remove every calf so we can get as much milk as possible from the calf and not be over-burdened with calf rearing. So we don’t remove them. But that is just the start and we can now talk about our HAPPY approach.

H – humane, applied ethics by being cow-centred. Calves stay with their mothers 24/7.
A – (artisanal) additive free production and processing with none of the hormones and other additives commonly used.
P – provenance of products with a closed loop process. Paddock-product-plate. No interventions.
P – production of milk and dairy products right next door to the dairy shed.
Y – yummy. Yes it is not as technical as the others but its true. More natural, more tasty.

Our cream is done the same way, we separate cowside (big companies just can’t get within a bull’s roar of this), then this amazing cream – cream like you have never tasted before – and the remaining skim milk go off to follow the same path as our luscious full cream milk. We’re not messing about and trying to be more clever, we’re just keeping it super simple and getting our milk to you almost as fresh as the suckling calf gets it.

Our cows are located on an amazing, 370 acre farm near Shepparton. It has trees in every paddock, with a creek running along the back of the property. We have a dairy and just nearby a cheese factory.

We are small, family owned and fiercely independent. But our dreams are big (massive in fact) and with enough people coming on the journey with us and demanding Kind Milk we think we’re onto something that’s going to change dairying around the world. We hope you will join us….