Onya Dog / Nappy Waste Disposal Bags Refill
Onya Dog / Nappy Waste Disposal Bags Refill
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The Onya waste disposal bag solution is as natural as what goes in it.
Made from 100% GMO free renewable plants, the waste disposal bag is biodegradeable and certified compostable – meaning no micro-plastics are left behind.
We’ve all been there at one time or another. Whether you’re on a dog walk, need an away from home nappy change, or camping you can have all the hygienic and convenient benefits of a plastic bag with a clear conscience to contain those pesky ”presents”.
The bags also work well for saving up food scraps to toss in the compost bin.
If composted in a hot compost system of around 50 degrees Celsius, they take around 12 weeks to completely break down back to their natural cellulose beginnings and are virtually undetectable in the soil.

* 30 waste disposal bags (2x rolls of 15 bags)
* Disposal bags measure 30cm long x 22cm wide
* 100% GMO free renewable plant based compostable disposal bags
* Free from sulphates, petrochemicals, and parabens
* Disposal bags are 100% Certified Compostable to Australian, US and European standards
* Superior puncture and tear resistance
* Convenient carry pouch made from PET (recycled plastic drink bottles) sold separately
* 12 month Manufacturers Warranty

Made in China to Onya's strict environmental standards.