Chai Tea Friendship 250g Tamil Feasts
Chai Tea Friendship 250g Tamil Feasts
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Tamil Feast's traditional Chai blend using traditional Indian spices and organic Sri Lankan black tea and ginger root.

Organic Sri Lankan black tea; Organic Ginger root; Star Anise; Cinamon quills; Cloves; White Peppercorn; Cardamon pods; Masala spice.

Tamil Feasts is a social enterprise that employs Tamil men who are currently seeking asylum here in Australia. It celebrates their culture and food while introducing them to the Australian way of life in a welcoming environment. It allows Australians to SAY WELCOME by showing their support for asylum seekers — all the while experiencing some seriously delicious food!
The enterprise began with a few ‘one off’ meals that sold out immediately. Tamil Feasts then went to serving up dinners one night a week and now, THREE nights a week out of the CERES Community Kitchen and the Merri Table Café. Tamil Feasts are offered on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights at 7.00pm. There are two volunteer shifts over the course of a Tamil Feast. Firstly, the prep volunteers, who arrive at 3.30pm in the afternoon and assist in food preparation (staying for approximately 2.5 hours). Secondly, there are those who arrive at 6:30pm and stay on through to the end of the evening (finishing about 10:30pm)—assisting in food prep, serving, clearing and cleaning up. They also do catering gigs from time to time and could always use the help of volunteers if they’re available!

Produced in East Brunswick.