Berringa Honey & Honeycomb Raw Eucalyptus 550g
Berringa Honey & Honeycomb Raw Eucalyptus 550g
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Berringa’s Pure Natural Honey isn't organically certified but is still strictly regulated through testing to ensure that there are no impacts of any unnatural or artificial elements used in harvesting and processing the honey.
Bees do some pretty amazing things, not the least of which is the creation of their hexagonal wax celled wonder, the honeycomb.
You may have seen a real honeycomb, but have you ever wondered why or how it was created?
The why is simple, bees need somewhere to store honey, pollen and their larvae.
As for the how, well..
Bees make honeycomb using wax from glands on their stomachs or abdomens. Generally speaking a bee needs to eat about two tablespoons of honey to make one ounce of wax, so making wax takes some time!
Some of the bees then make circles in the wax using their body as a tool and then they go on to form the hexagon cells. But why hexagons?
Well it seems bees are pretty good at maths and geometry too as hexagonal structures are particularly strong and waste no space when used as a building material.
Aren’t bees clever!

100% Pure Raw & Unfiltered Eucalyptus Honey with Honeycomb.

Berringa has been processing honey for over 25 years. Their dedicated team are based in North Melbourne and the honey is supplied throughout Australia and exported across the world.

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