BBBYO Tea Flask 500ml & Carry Cover
BBBYO Tea Flask 500ml & Carry Cover
BBBYO Tea Flask 500ml & Carry Cover
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This stylish, slimline, double wall insulated tea flask is made of pure glass. Enjoy your tea or herbal tea anywhere & anytime.

The elegant pouch helps to protect the glass flask & add insulation

Glass promotes the genuine, clean, pure taste of whatever beverage you are drinking.

This double-walled bottle can be used for tea, coffee, fruit-infused water, chilled wine and more.

The best part is that it will keep your drinks hot or cold all day long, whether you are at the office or the gym, at the beach or out on the town.

Absolutely BPA free and completely natural it is also the healthiest bottle option.

Glass is infinitely recyclable, and by reusing glass, we reduce plastic pollution in our waterways.

Our Cooler Carry Covers help to make glass bottles portable. The 5mm protective neoprene, makes them waterproof, tough and shock-absorbing. They also keep drinks cool.

Promotes 100 % clean, pure, taste
Heat resistant borosilicate glass
The healthiest bottle choice. Absolutely BPA free
Double walled to keep drinks hot or cold all day long
Never beads or sweats
Cooler cover keeps drinks hot or cold longer.
Sharkskin base for non-slip while standing.
Easy to Clean. Dishwasher safe
Thick neoprene cover for extra protection.
Covers clean easily also. Machine washable.
Eco friendly. (reducing plastic pollution from plastic bottles)
The healthy safe alternative to plastic
This product includes: 1 x 500 ml double-walled Borosilicate Glass Bottle, 1 x Glass is Greener Cap, 1 x Carry pouch.

How to use:

For hot tea and iced tea: Simply take out the tea infuser filter, and add your favourite tea (fresh tea leaves or tea bag). Pop the filter back in, and add boiling water.

For coffee and other hot drinks (hot chocolate, soups etc): Simply take out the infuser filter, and add your hot beverage. The double wall vacuum will keep your beverage piping hot, the rest of the day or night.

For fruit-infused water: Simply remove the bottom part of the tea infuser filter. Add fresh fruit and water, then pop the top part of your filter back in. Your water will stay refreshingly chilled all day long, as it absorbs all the flavour of your fresh fruit. (or fresh herbs such as mint.)

Save our oceans!
Manufactured in China.