Book- Ferment For Good by Sharon Flynn
Book- Ferment For Good by Sharon Flynn
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Ferment for Good includes a how-to guide to the basics (why do it; what you need; and what you'll get), alongside sections on wild fermented vegetables (including sauerkraut, kimchi, brine); drinks (including water kefir, kombucha and apple cider); milk and dairy (including yogurt and milk kefir), grains (simple sourdough, dosa and injera); and Japanese traditions (including miso &​ tamari, soy sauce, sake kasu and pickled ginger). Sharon then shares recipes and advice for incorporating these foods into every meal. These include nine variations on kraut and how to eat it (mixed through mashed potatoes, tossed through scrambled eggs, accompanying pork chops or on the side of a soft fish taco). And let's not forget about kimchi. The book contains six variations, plus a handful of recipes that incorporate it (from kimchi gyoza to Korean pancakes to kimchi fried rice).

Sharon's book contents:

Avid fermentations (how my tumbleweed life snowballed into a business)
What is fermenting?
Why I love fermentation
Wild fermentation
Some terms &​ words
Some stuff to know first (or read later)
Milk &​ dairy
Condiments &​ dressings (&​ other little adventures)