The Fermentary Kimchi Raw 500g
The Fermentary Kimchi Raw 500g
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This is a living food- crunchy, sometimes fizzy, tangy and hot. This is the real deal- it promises to wake first your mouth and mind, then warm your heart and soul. It'll make you long for more!

Wombok, daikon, carrot, garlic, ginger, spring onions, Korean chilli powder, Celtic Sea salt, raw sugar, naturally fermented anchovy sauce, slow fermented light soy sauce.

The Fermentary's kimchi is a labour of love. They peel the garlic themselves by hand (yep, it's A LOT of garlic). Also lots ginger. And gorgeous, pure Korean chilli. The best, naturally slow fermented fish sauce - with 3 ingredients: anchovies, salt and TIME. Organic slow fermented tamari. It's good. You'll want to eat more. Many say that it's the best kimchi they've tasted!
Think about this: raw AND fermented garlic and ginger goodness. With fermented carrots, daikon, wombok and spring onion. Forget probiotic immune boosting and all that. Forget that and just eat because its real and it's goooood.