Lil'Bit Dishwasher Tablets pack of 20
Lil'Bit Dishwasher Tablets pack of 20
Lil'Bit Dishwasher Tablets pack of 20
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These powerful Cajeput scented dishwasher tablets are made in small batches that clean your dishes while also deodorising your dishwasher. Non-abrasive and made from a blend of naturally occurring minerals and salts. What is Cajeput? Well, it's a wonderfully aromatic Australian Native oil that smells similar to Eucalyptus but a tad 'fresher'.

These tablets work wonders on baked on food - fill tray or pot with water, drop in a tablet and stand overnight.

**If you find that the tablets won't fit in your dishwashers tablet compartment, simply place it on the top rack and it will work just fine.

Naturally Mined Organic Sodium Borate (USA), Naturally Mined Organic Calcium Sodium Carbonate & Sodium Chloride (USA), Naturally Mined Food Grade Himalayan Pink salt, 100% Natural Glacial Acetic Acid, Naturally Mined Organic Sea Salt, ACO Certified Organic Essential Oils including Cajeput (Melaleuca leucadendron).

Sceptic Tank Safe :)

Add one tablet to the tablet compartment of your dishwasher and use as normal.

Hard Water Note:
If you have hard water, these tablets will clean and remove dirt and grease, however, your glasses will most likely have a few hard water spots and will not be 100% crystal clear. Add 1Tbsp white vinegar to the rise aid compartment as a rinse aid to help reduce spots.

A Lil' Bit makes a big difference. For Founder, Liz, choosing to keep bees at their home on Phillip Island was a life-changing decision - falling in love with bees illuminated the broader and fragile ecosystem we are a part of, and the toxic effect on the natural world of unchecked and needless chemical use in our daily lives. Her Lil'Bit range of homemade, small-batch cleaning products are all created in her own kitchen, and proudly say no to a long list of nasties.
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Made in Australia.