Mandarins  500g
Mandarins  500g
Mandarins 500g
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Are mandarins the perfect travel companion? They're naturally wrapped up, pre-portioned for sharing and full of sweet citrus energy! These organic imperials are ready for all your packed lunches.

"Mandarin oranges" is a term that applies to an entire group of citrus fruits. This group, botanically classified as Citrus reticulata, includes such varieties as Satsuma, Clementine, Daisy, Honey, Pixie, and tangerines in general. We source the juiciest and best tasting of the season depending on availability, which means the variety may change from week to week, depending what's freshest and tastiest.

Most mandarins are sweeter than their other citrus cousins (yet there are some tart varieties). Mandies have a bright orange skin that is easier to peel than an orange, and inner segments that are easily separated. There are seeded and seedless varieties.