Symons Cheddar Cheese (BLOCK) - 500g
Symons Cheddar Cheese (BLOCK) - 500g
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This cheese is produced according to traditional cheddar making techniques. It has a moist and creamy texture and a delicate yet full flavour. According to the cheese-maker, the organic milk produces a particularly sweet and clean tasting cheese. Symons cheddar is matured for at least 6 months before being released and is made using vegetarian rennet. It makes a cracking cheese toastie, especially when combined with a good organic sourdough.

Organic Milk(98%), salt, starter cultures, non-animal Rennet.

Since 1919 the Symons family have been delivering milk in Bendigo, long before herbicides, pesticides, antibiotics and GMO's were used in agriculture. Three generations on, they are passionate advocates of organic food and farming. Their delicious range of certified organic dairy products are made from milk the traditional way, with cows who feed on grass and are free to roam. Ask Bruce and he'll tell you: "That's simply Symons goodness".

Cut & packed in Australia, product of New Zealand(Australian product coming soon).