Meru Miso Sweet White 350g
Meru Miso Sweet White 350g

Meru Miso Sweet White 350g

Gluten Free Vegan
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This organic sweet white (shiro) fresh miso gets its sweetness from the high proportion of Koji rice used. Pour boiling water over 2 tbs in a bowl for a great instant nutritious soup. Add a splash of Tamari for an extra kick!
This is a younger style Miso and as such should be stored in the refrigerator. Young Misos can ferment for as little as 3 days in a controlled temperature and humidity environment, but Meru Miso let their young Misos ferment for five to six weeks. Young Misos typically have a more delicate, slightly less developed umami flavour.

Rice, Soy Beans, Pink Lake Salt, Koji Seed (Aspergillus Oryzae).

Traditional Miso Making in Japan was an artform. The traditional methods are still practiced in some smaller Miso shops but largely they have been replaced by commercial practices. Meru Organic Australian Miso is made using the same traditional methods that have used for centuries- they practice the 'Way' of the Miso Master and aim to respect the centuries old tradition of Miso making.

Fermented foods are a powerhouse of beneficial enzymes, minerals and bacteria. Meru Miso believe that if they are going to make the effort and take the time to develop a living food with all of these natural benefits then they should keep the processes and ingredients as natural as possible. Nature has a way of getting things just right without us having to worry too much about it. That's why Meru only use organic ingredients, just the way that nature intended.

From Meru Miso:
"We use 100% Australian ingredients in our Organic Miso. In using Australian ingredients and other Australian products, we are creating a range of Misos that are uniquely Australian. We believe that by following the 'Way' of the Miso Master, we have been able to create a product that is unique and equal to the best Misos that can be found anywhere in Japan".

Made in Melbourne.