Fish 4 Ever Tuna Chunks in Spring Water 160g
Fish 4 Ever Tuna Chunks in Spring Water 160g
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Fish4Ever's promise is to provide sustainable canned fish that is ethically sourced. Great in health and nutrition. Great in sourcing practices, from fishing practices through to the people that produce it and the communities supported by the fishing industry. Fish4Ever's philisopy is a holistic approach thinking beyond each element and encompassing the sea, land and people. This makes Fish4Ever unique in the fishing industry and is why they are a leader in bringing you the best and fairest sourced fish available.

Skipjack Tuna (70%), spring water, salt.

Fish4Ever is the world leader in sustainable fishing and definitely the brand you can trust. Carrying accrediation from MSC and Friends of the Sea, their Skipjack Tuna has also been rated by Greenpeace Australia as the most sustainable option for the past 5 years and sets the benchmark for sustainable fishing in Australia and the world. More info at

100% packed and fished in the Azores, Portugal.

Pole & Line caught