Buchi Kombucha Deep Greens 500ml
Buchi Kombucha Deep Greens 500ml
Vegan Gluten Free

Traditionally brewed kombucha. Jam packed with blood alkalizing greens (organic) & highly concentrated grasses & algaes for a deeply nourishing beverage. Effervescent with just enough sweetness & natural apple tones. Gluten free. Glass bottle.

Organic raw kombucha 98.5% (filtered water, black / green tea, raw sugar & kombucha cultures)*, Spirulina* (<1%), Barley grass *(<1%), Wheat Grass *(<1%), Chlorella*(<1%).**
* certified organic, ** Carbon dioxide added at time of bottling.

*Kombucha is fermented using a blend of organic teas and organic raw sugar (don’t worry, the sugar is consumed by the culture converting it into health-giving enzymes)

About Buchi: Buchi Kombucha is an on-the-ground, family-owned and operated enterprise. They blend teas with certified organic, local roots, shoots and fruits to create a refreshing fermented beverage that's packed with flavour and goodness.

Made in Queensland