Dan's Free Range Eggs -600g to 700g
Dan's Free Range Eggs -600g to 700g
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Real Free Range Eggs are farmed in an environmentally friendly manner. Dan's flocks are rotated between paddocks to enrich the quality of the soil and to produce the best possible quality egg.

Accredited with Humane Choice, these wonderful eggs are laid by happy chickens who have 24 hour access to pasture, food, water and shelter. They are free to dust bathe as they desire, are protected by their own Maremma dogs, are fed an all natural (no artificial colouring, or anti biotics or growth promotants) to supplement their diets of yummy earth worms, as well as other crawling and flying insects.

Dan's farm's stocking density is 300 hens per hectare.

Unlike a lot of what gets passed off as free range these days, Real Free Range Eggs come from chickens that have not been beak trimmed, de-beaked, or fed a nasty cocktail of hormones, antibiotics or artificial additives.
Dan's dozens are just jam packed full of delicious eggs from happy hens!

*Substituted with WillowZen or Abundance eggs if unavailable.