Hemp Protein Powder 500g

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Hemp Foods Australia's high quality protein is made in Australia, using NO heat or chemicals (some of the Canadian hemp protein uses heat and/or chemical process). Their process is a complicated mechanical process that ensures you get as much protein as possible in the most natural way.
Hemp protein is an ideal VEGAN and VEGETARIAN and, unlike pea protein and whey protein, supports a truly sustainable Australian hemp industry for food, fibre, fuel, paper, building and bioplastics.

Hemp Foods Australia is the largest Hemp Food Wholesaler, Retailer, Manufacturer and Exporter in the Southern Hemisphere. Hemp Foods Australia was Founded by Paul Benhaim in 2000. Paul became well known after starting the UK Hemp Industry in 1993 creating Europe’s best selling Health Snack (9Bar) in the process. Located in pristine Bangalow on Australia’s east coast Hemp Foods Australia’s 11,000 sq ft facility is 100% Australian Certified Organic. They employ purely mechanical, low-temperature processes for everything they do resulting in the most nutritious products possible.

Hemp Foods Australia are Australian owned and operated and their management have over 3 decades of combined expertise in Hemp Foods. They have worked with many companies in the food industry and welcome enquiries from businesses looking to get involved with Hemp Foods and fibre.

100% Australian Certified Organic.

For detailed information please go to: www.hempfoods.com.au.