Pumpkin Seeds Raw - 500g
Pumpkin Seeds Raw - 500g
Gluten Free
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These are special ‘naked’ or ‘hull-less’ dark green pumpkin seed grown by Pepo Farm without pesticide in the Ovens Valley.
Add to salads or to top up breakfast cereals. Try this delicious home made granola recipe
Often called and confused with the easily obtained ‘pepita’ from China, which is actually just the unprotected kernel of a regular pumpkin seed, the naked variety is whole and should only be called pumpkin seeds. These seeds are whole and naturally protected from rancidity due to an uncompromised coating.
As well as having a wonderful ‘healthy green’ nutty flavour, these dark green pumpkin seeds are well known for their high oil content. Also known as a Superfood, pumpkin seeds are packed full of nutrients.
Grown in Australia